Sedentary work and stress put a strain on the body, creating or exacerbating pre-existing musculoskeletal problems. They are most often experienced as pain and muscle contractions, especially in the neck, shoulders and lower back areas. Meanwhile, there is an inextricable relationship between body and brain. Our mental state manifests in our body, while our physical state affects our psychology, concentration and productivity. By improving the physical problems, the employee feels better and works more efficiently.

Wellness check-up

Musculoskeletal Check

  • Assessment of standing position
  • Assessment of walking pattern
  • Assessment of body balance
  • Assessment of neuromuscular condition
  • Creation of patient record with employee details and medical history

Personalized care

  • Ergonomic assessment of workplace and work equipment using specialized questionnaires
  • On-site interventions and advice for optimal ergonomic body position
  • Planning of exercises and training of the employee according to his needs
  • A complete personalized program with an exercise log and instructions concerning the interventions discussed in the session for the employee

Total improvement

Physiotherapeutic Intervention

Presence of a physical therapist at your business at the agreed frequency.

20–30-minute physical therapy sessions, with special equipment provided by us, for employees who wish to participate, at the workplace during business hours.

  • Prevention of musculoskeletal problems
  • Treatment of work-related pain / discomfort and rehabilitation of pre-existing musculoskeletal injuries
Provided equipment
  • Physiotherapy bed
  • Physical therapy machines (Tecar, Biowave electrotherapy, myofascial relaxation cups)
  • Massage creams and consumables
  • Exercise bands
Treatment steps
  • Medical history
  • Physiotherapy assessment / assessment of musculoskeletal condition
  • Intervention with machines and with the therapist’s hands, depending on the needs of the employee
  • Everyday life tips and instructions
  • Personalized exercise program to improve and maintain musculoskeletal condition